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Delight Design Platform Project


Delight Design Platform Project

Delight Design Platform



Importance of Attractive Quality  It is crucial to produce products with Attractive Quality in addition to Must-be and One-dimensional ones in the future industry. Conventional design tools like CAD systems lack functionalities to support the design of such products (Delight Design).

Delight Design Though such support tools as Kansei design methodologies are available to some extent, they are still too specific to be applied to common design processes. Thus there are strong demands for the development of technologies for supporting upstream design work flow dealing with delight aspects based on Kansei and seamlessly integrating it to the downstream embodiment design processes.



The main objective is to develop a “Delight Design Platform” which consists of tools and methodologies to achieve the above mentioned support for Delight Design.

Development of Prototype Software  Prototypes will be developed as parts of the platform from 2014 thru 2016; Kansei database, Kansei modeling, Kansei integration and Kansei reverse engineering

Experimental Proof  In 2017 and 2018, projects for experimental proofs of the prototypes will be conducted. Target products will be chosen and the design team of main and subcontractors will work together with our project members to practically evaluate and improve functionalities of the prototype software.

Early Commercialization Among the technological components of the platform such as software and libraries, those which can be put into practical use shall be delivered first to accelerate the commercialization of this development.



  • Kansei Database Specification of Kansei database, prototyping of Kansei database, and visualization & analysis of construction process of the Kansei database.
  • Kansei Modeling Specification of Kansei modeling framework and development of technologies for prototyping Kansei models on the MBD (Model Based Design) framework.
  • Kansei Integration Extension of the electrical base tools for Kansei modeling, development of interface between the electrical tools, and MBD and prototyping of GUI of the Kansei integration for mechanical tools.
  • Kansei Reverse Engineering Development of interface for the reverse engineering of mechanical MBD, Kansei reverse engineering using motion capture and scanning data with X-rays CT.
  • Initiative Experimental Proof Preliminary investigations, prototyping of devices and their fundamental experiments will be conducted for promoting the experimental proof.


Strategies & Organization for Business Deployment

Implementation on commercial systems To promote the commercialization of the developed software, they are implemented and delivered as components of the software systems of the subcontracted companies.

Innovation Style In the experimental proof projects, the prototyped platform will be applied to the design process of the target products so that fruitful feedback will be obtained to improve the platform. The targets shall be selected to involve a variety of users and their geographical locations as well.